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Here at Scrunchy Snacks, we're not your ordinary "pear" HA! See what we did there? “Morel” of the story- haha- we're a partner team of dreamers, bad pun makers, hikers, and food/health enthusiasts who are passionate about making a difference in the snacking world and bringing a smile to your face, one snack at a time.

Our mission is simple: to curate a selection of mouthwatering snacks that not only satisfy your cravings but also support your well-being. We believe that when you nourish your body with wholesome ingredients, you elevate your energy, mood, and overall quality of life.


Trent & Emma

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always stocked with snacks

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our little one

MY story

Food changed my life. At age 16 I started having awful pain in my right side and by age 20 it had become a constant life altering burden. At age 21 I qualified to become a patient at Mayo Clinic and received a diagnosis of chronic peripheral neuropathy. I was given a regimen of drugs and painful procedures to manage my pain. I was often couch ridden and could only muster enough energy to get through work and simple tasks throughout the day. When Trent and I wanted to grow our family, I needed to be off ALL medications and procedures as they would harm the pregnancy. I was TERRIFIED of being in constant pain. While starting the year long journey of weaning off medications I began to eat really intentionally. 

I started shopping the outer aisles, I only shopped items with ingredient labels that had real food on them, and I paid attention to what was going into my body. Can you guess what happened? I completely reversed my neuropathy with food. Not only did eating intentionally eliminate my chronic pain, it gave me a renewed energy. I can truly say at age 32 I have more energy than ever! Meals became really easy to shop for with getting real ingredients, but once my baby became a toddler I realized how limited the snacks were! I saw thousands of snacks in the aisles at stores, but I could only find a couple of options that had only real ingredients and many of these went for 6-10$ a bag. I began the hunt to find the best snacks with labels to match.

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In May, 2023 Trent and I decided to make a huge leap and start Scrunchy Snacks. Wanting labels we love, more variety, and better pricing, we founded our LLC and have been working hard to provide individuals and families with snacks that are organic, made with real ingredients, and taste delicious. Our family has seen the power of food firsthand and want to spread the love to everyone else.

Emma (snack mom) 

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