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Organic | No added sugars | No Seed oils | no food dyes | No natural flavors

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Labels you'll love

Just as nature intended

"We were so impressed with the scrunchy snacks box. It was packed with goodies!!"


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The Adventure Box

Ignite your journey to awesome flavors, textures, and sustainable nourishment without suspect ingredients. 

Discover new snacks monthly

Prioritizing wellness

Healthy, simple, and delicious

Minimum 10 incredible snacks

Flexible renewal options

"Stumbling upon Scrunchy Snacks has been an absolute game-changer for our family. It's become our secret weapon in keeping our little one satisfied and nourished with tasty organic treats."

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  • Certified Organic Snacks

  • No Added Sugars

  • No Food Dyes

  • No "Natural Flavors"

  • No seed oils

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Grateful for you 

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We're a team of snack enthusiasts who love to connect, share stories, and spread laughter. We celebrate tasty treats that keep ingredients minimal, and support others on a journey towards a healthier lifestyle.

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